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Become a Better Forex Trader Guide

Become a Better Forex Trader Guide


While there are no guarantees of success in the forex trading business, I have created this report in the hope it will make you a better trader. I take a common sense approach to trading and my goal is for you to come away with insights that you can apply to your everyday trading. Traders of all levels of experience can benefit from this free report..

In the world of sophisticated computer programs my view is still that trading is still common sense. This is the approach I take and I have organized this report into steps that help you along the journey to becoming a better trader. I suggest taking your time to read through this report as there are insights you will not find elsewhere. See this brief video introduction and then scroll down to see the full report.


Step1: Avoid the Pitfalls and Stay in the Game

Too many traders don’t stay in the business long enough to allow their skills to develop. I have seen experienced traders as well as novice traders fall into traps and blow out their accounts. For this reason Step I is designed to show you how to avoid the pitfalls that befell many traders (of all levels of experience). They are outlined in a series of articles that I suggest reading. You must stay in the game to have a chance to succeed.

How to Avoid the Forex Death Spiral

Beware of Increasing Your Trading Volume

Do You Believe in (Trading) Miracles?

What is the Optimum Leverage for a Retail Forex Trader?


Step 2: Be a Winning Trader

Simply put, if you treat trading like being in a casino, you will wind up the same way (busted) if you keep going to Las Vegas. If you treat it like a business, where you have a plan for sales to exceed expenses, you have a chance of success.

What Differentiates a Winning from a Losing Trader?

Is Trading Gambling?

Why Can’t I Make Money Trading?

Psychology of Trading – Overcome Your Trading Obstacles

Traits of Successful Traders Guide


Step 3: Look to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Many traders hope to breakeven on their trading while the goal should be to succeed and be profitable. This is why I say look to

Five Simple Trading Rules

Avoid Dumb Trades and Dumb Stops

The Market Isn’t Your Enemy

Improve Your Trading Odds


Step 4: News Matters

No matter what chartists say, news does matter and increasingly so in markets that are hooked on the latest headlines.

News vs. Charts

I Need Help Trading the News

Like it or Not. News Matters!

Beware of Broker Spreads


Step 5: Strategies You Can Use in Your Journey

I could write a book on this section as there are many strategies I use to trade the forex market. I have summarized some of these in the following and as you can tell, most are common sense insights that you can use in your everyday trading.

Put This on Your Trading Checklist

Jay Meisler's 20 Golden Trading Tips

12 Strategies You Can Use in a Low Volatility Market


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Good luck and good trading.


Jay Meisler, founder

Global Traders Association

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