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AMAZING TRADER: Actionable trading levels delivered directly to your charts

Every trader needs what the Amazing Trader provides. It offers a unique opportunity for traders to elevate their trading by getting access to a program that creates order out of what may seem like random movements and logic out of what may often seem like illogical movements.

The Amazing Trader is the result of decades of trading by veteran traders Jay Meisler and John Bland. They see taking control of your trading destiny as the best way to thrive, not just survive in the challenging world of global trading.

The Amazing Trader offers a step in this direction by creating a structure in the market from which your trades will flow. What we mean by structure is taking what looks like chaos and creating a clearer picture to trade from by using the Amazing Trader levels. 

What makes the Amazing Trader special is not only its amazing program but that it is supplemented with ongoing support.  The Amazing Trader package consists of the following:

    1. Actionable Trading levels delivered to your charts in real-time
    2. Access to our Trading Community where you will get trading updates and can ask any questions
    3. Access to daily meetings with setups for the day ahead

Welcome to the Amazing Trader

See the Amazing Trader in Action

Imagine getting access to levels that make the market move!

The Amazing Trader creates a structure in the market by sending its proprietary chart levels directly in real-time to your charts. In other words, the market structures  that we see on our charts is displayed on yours. You can then use this analysis to aid in your decision-making. In addition to a structural analysis of the market is directional momentum inidicators that show when we feel momentum could  be building.

"Jay and John really do know their stuff. Have been involved with the Amazing Trader for a bit now and it truly does show clearly the market structure and targets."*

You will find the market more often than not moves between the Amazing Trader lines you see on your charts. These are the levels that often make the market move, whether support, resistance or a place where the market places stops or where you can place your stops. We call this the Amazing Trader roadmap for trading.

"Just a quick note "you nailed it today Jay" Well done. The Amazing Trader very clear in showing the market structure."*

 If you are looking for a program that creates a structure in the market you can trade as a currency moves from Amazing Trader line to line, you are in the right place. If you are looking for a magic pill or a holy grail program that guarantees success, keep looking because such a program does not exist. The best way we know  to succeed is to take control of your trading decisions using  a trading tool like the Amazing Trader.

"Thanks again Nice Amazing Trader level entry EURUSD = target hit = cashed in= "cha-ching". Thanks Jay and John for the right side of the market."*

All those looking to take this road scroll down this page and sign up for a free test drive.




The following videos illustrate a typical day in the life of the Amazing Trader in real-time. Note how the market tends to move from line to line. The Amazing Trader works in all time frames.


Amazing Trader in Real-Time

Amazing Trader in Real-Time Follow Up



In the Trading Community you can ask questions and see market updates from others in the Amazing Trader community. You can then relate them to what you see on your charts and pose your own trading scenarios in a friendly environment. This is an invaluable resource for all who take advantage of it.




In the daily meetings we discuss the current picture in the market, any trades that might be setting up and what the outlook is for the day ahead. This is an opportunity to ask any questions about how to use the Amazing Trader and for us to pass on insights you might not find elsewhere. 

If you are looking to take control of your trading destiny and become part of the Amazing Trader program, fill out the following to take a free trial.




*unpaid endorsement

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