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Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader programming is done and about to go into a beta test

Amazing Trader is a unique approach to trading that utilizes proprietary technology to deliver our exclusive trading levels directly to your platform in real-time. The goal is to take your trading performance to a higher level.

The way this works is whatever we place on our MT4 platform shows up immediately on yours. In other words, what you see on your charts is what we see on our charts in real-time. Our co-founder, Jay Meisler is a renowned master at picking out levels and his system is now brought to you in real time. It is amazing technology for us and an amazing opportunity for you.

  • Amazing support levels
  • Amazing resistance levels
  • Amazing way to identify where there are stops

What makes the system unique is that it provides clarity on the current STRUCTURE of the market. It makes order out of chaos. You are in control. We do all the work. We deliver our trading levels immediately to your chart. Then you set the side of the market to trade from, set an entry level, and establish your exit levels (take profit or stop out). It is all explained in our trading guide. You have to see this to believe it.

Watch these videos: You will see why we call this the Amazing Trader and how well it can work for you

Amazing Trader in Real-Time

Amazing Trader in Real-Time

Not only do we provide you with our internal analysis, but we are there for ongoing support for the system, and trading ideas by actual trades from our private Trading Room

Program features:

Amazing Trader Trading Guide: Designed so you will be able to understand where the levels come from, how to interpret them and then how to put what you see into action. You will see the why, how and when to trade using our proprietary trading approach and a revolutionary way to look at trading.

Amazing Trader Live Trading Sessions and Private Trading Room: Get access to our trading levels in real-time and support in our private trading room. 

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