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News vs. Charts

13 Years ago | November 20, 2013 1/28/23, 12:00 AM

By Jay Meisler

There seems to be a never ending debate between those who trade strictly by charts and those who use charts as just one tool in formulating trading decisions. The former will say it is all in the charts. The latter will say that news matters. The volatility seen around news events, more often than not driven by a headline, supports those who say you have to have to be aware of the news to trade these markets effectively. I am in that camp and feel strongly that you must be aware of what is moving the market so you can evaluate what you see on charts.

 Forex news algos have changed the way the market reacts to news and at times exaggerates reactions. It tends to happen more when there is a surprise in data or a headline but you now need to look at keywords in headlines as that seems to trigger a news algo reaction. This is for a future discussion and an area I am currently researching for an article.

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