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Do Forex Brokers Need More Regulation or Do You Need to Adapt?

21 Years ago | January 08, 2015 9/17/21, 12:00 AM

There is an article in the FT entitled, More scrutiny needed of retail forex trading platforms, which makes the case for reduced leverage and more transparency to alert would be traders to the realities of leveraged forex trading. As the article states, “It is not the function of the regulator to keep a fool and his money from being parted, but a few steps could offer a more realistic prospectus to the would-be client." However, what caught my attention is a paragraph on how stops favor the broker and can work against the trader. This is where I can make a difference.

As the FT article states, the trading platforms tilt the odds further by urging clients to put stop-losses on their bets. The consequent blend of market volatility and high leverage means that many trades are stopped early, even if the investor’s underlying view of rates is correct.

The timing for me reading this article could not be better as I am presenting a webinar to GTA and Global-View members on Monday. One of the goals of the webinar is to share a trading technique using the way I treat stops to keep you in a position when right and tell you when it is wrong. I suggest joining me in the webinar. Click on the following to get details:

GTA Webinar: A Fresh Approach to Forex Trading

Jay Meisler, co-founder

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