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Are Forex Broker Bonuses Achievable or a Sucker Bet?

14 Years ago | November 20, 2014 12/11/23, 12:00 AM

I have written articles about broker bonuses and this latest offer I received by email caught my attention. The promotion was for using a robot and offered a 100% bonus for a $1000 deposit.  Typically an offer like this would make me run for the hills but this time it raised a topic for an article on whether bonuses are achievable.

What I am interested in is hearing from our members who opened accounts with a forex broker to get a bonus. Please send me your experiences and whether you were able to vest and claim your bonus. Was the bonus achievable or was the threshold too high to make it a sucker bet? Did you over leverage and over trade in an attempt to get your bonus?

Your names will be kept confidential so please send me a reply email with your experiences with broker bonuses. It is a great area of research for our trader advocacy and your input would be well appreciated.

Jay Meisler, founder

Global Traders Association

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