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Jay Meisler's Trading Tips

18 Years ago | June 10, 2014 9/30/23, 12:00 AM

I believe that trading is common sense and this is the way I approach trading. As part of our advocacy effort, I have created a dynamic page of my forex trading tips that I have developed over the years. These are available to GTA members and I have highlighted one that fits the current market.

Path of Least Resistance

Markets are like a river flowing downstream constantly looking for the path of least resistance. When if finds a clear path the pace of flow accelerates. This is a way to look at trading and an example would be the way the JPY was sold vs. the dollar and on its crosses at various times during this past year (i.e. 2013) as fundamentals support the technicals…. You can also include the way the EURUSD has weakened on its crosses as the market digests the recent ECB meeting.


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