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Stealing Pips

Stealing Pips

Proprietary trading strategies with goal to produce high probability trades

We are very excited to introduce you to Stealing Pips, our proprietary program where we share in detail two of our favorite trading strategies. The name is derived from our approach to look to take advantage of the market rather than let the market play you. We believe trading is not gambling and the goal of our strategies is to create high probability trades that take gambling out of the trading equation.

The program consists of text and videos and what makes it even more unique is that we explain the rationale behind our strategies. Once you understand why they work our hope is that it will increase your confidence implementing them. We all know there are no guarantees in the trading business and we are not making any promises other than the offer to share our trading strategies that have a goal of producing high probability trades. 

Stealing Pips strategies can be applied to just about all asset classes, such as forex and CFDs as well as binary options trading and can be used by traders of all levels of experience.

Rather than go on about the benefits of Stealing Pips, I suggest reading the following, which is unsolicited feedback from two of our satisfied customers as it says it all about the value Stealing Pips can bring to the table:

1) The trial of “Amazing Trader” piqued my interest, and Stealing Pips has made all the difference already (psychologically). By reading and seeing what you are discussing, you have actually confirmed some of the beliefs I developed around how the market works so at least I know I wasn’t way off track, just didn’t trust myself to execute. What has been really helpful is the trading levels – I had never done this or understood when a level is relevant. I realize now that I had always traded in the spur of the moment trying to capitalize on a move without understanding when or why it might change. The net result was that by waiting for a trend confirmation, the trend was almost over by the time I entered and would get stopped out (so eventually I believed trading must be contrarian to win).

The other very valuable point shown in Stealing Pips is when to enter the market, i.e. identifying a pattern that represents a high probability trade and what to look for. I must say I haven’t quite got to trust the levels yet, so when I see the price coming down heavily, to buy into that seems counter intuitive. But then the video that you sent in this mail again shows how to enter with a tiny risk, and that a line can change an entire markets direction. So helpful!

So while I understood the concept,  it has only been the combination of Amazing Trader levels and Stealing Pips, and seeing them in action and knowing what to look for now, that the forex market actually starts creating a proper picture.

Finally. I have to say that what you and John and Al and the rest of the crew do is quite inspirational. Your knowledge of the inner workings of forex and the interdependencies is incredible. In fact trading and reading your forums is a lifestyle on its own.

2) You're a master at picking stops and the ability to see the market when momentum loses steam and to get in at the right time a skill I'm working to develop, easier said than done. Thanks for the videos I would really love to trade live with you one day to see your entries and how your mind and skills determine entries. 

 Once again I must remember to treat this as a business and limit my risk , and stop moving my stop loss which often makes me lose on a trade that could have been a winner.  
 Thank you for the additional videos and tutelage.

You can now get access to Stealing Pips with this special offer:

Get access to Stealing Pips now for just $497 and get three months free for the Amazing Trader package (*$297 value at no charge), where we deliver our chart levels to your charts in real-time, As noted above, this can be a powerful combination and you can get access to it with this special offer.

So if you are serious about trading, looking for a strategies that have a goal to produce high probability trades, you should consider Stealing Pips as an investment in your trading future. We have made it convenient to do so by clicking on the following: 

Please contact me to inquire about one-onm-one mentoring sessions wand any questions or for details on any other special offers.

Jay Meisler, co-founder


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