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Science of Trading

Science of Trading

Strategies you can apply immediately to your trading. .

Trading is a science. It is not gambling or speculation.  

While looking at a screen, price action can often seem random but

there is a logic to it. Once you understand the logic and why markets

behave the way they do, you are on your way... 



The Science of Trading

Science can be defined as a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject. The science of trading fits this definition as we have organized our knowledge and experience to create a framework that has a goal of identifying high probability trades. While there are no guarantees of success in this business we feel that the Science of Trading is unique as it is presented in a common sense manner that should enable you to walk away with knowledge that you can apply immediately to your trading.

The Science of Trading is a comprehensive journey into the trading world where you will see

  • The Why of Trading
  • How to Identify Key Chart Levels
  • How Stops Drive the Forex Market
  • When to Trade

My name is Jay Meisler and having spent years trading in the forex market, I have put my common sense approach into a formal structure that can be used to trade and predict price behavior. Most traders do not combine the why, how and when to trade but after completing this journey, you will have done so. Understanding the why will help you put the how into perspective and knowing when the best setups are to trade should give you a powerful combination that increases confidence and hopefully performance.

There are no guarantees of success in trading and it is all about getting on the side of the market at a time that puts the odds of making money in your favor. This is the goal of the Science of Trading and it is presented in a common sense approach that provides you with concrete tools and strategies you can put into practice right away. Scroll down this page to get access to a once in a lifetime journey with me as your guide. 

The Science of Trading is divided into four modules consisting of text and videos with real-time illustrations in an easy to understand format

"I have finally found 2 guys in Jay and John that know what the heck they are doing. The J and J show show proved it again today. Combine that with a profitable trading system = proven results. Thanks again"


Module 1 THE WHY of Trading

  • The Evolution of the Forex Market
  • Why Technical Analysis is a Key to Predicting Price Behavior (you will be surprised by the reason)
  • Why Markets Move
  • Why Our Chart Levels Matter and How to Use Them to Your Advantage\Why Understanding Trader Behavior Can Help Predict Price Patterns
  • Why the Broker’s Deck is Stacked Against You and How to Beat the Broker
  • Why Retracements Are a Key To Trading


Module 2: How to IDENTIFY Key Chart Levels

  • How to Use Our Key Chart Levels
  • Combining If Then, How and Why Into a Trading Strategy\\How to Use Support, Resistance and Stops
  • How to Trade When Markets Reverse

 Module 3 – How STOPS Drive the Forex Market

  • Importance of Stops in Forex Trading
  • Using Stops to Pick Out the Side Most at Risk
  • A Revolutionary Way to Place Stops


Module 4 – WHEN to Trade 

  • When to Trade (i.e. best setups)  
  • When to Trade with Momentum
  • When to Trade with Momentum Part II
  • Key Trading Pattern Revealed
  • Key Trading Pattern Revealed Part II
  • Typical Trading Day 

 My experiences over the years have taught me that the best way to succeed is to take control of your trading destiny. This is a goal of the Science of Trading, and one I feel is achievable once you complete this journey. Trading is common sense and everything in this guide is presented with this in mind so you can walk away with tools and strategies you can apply immediately to your trading.

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