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Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader

Amazing trading levels delivered to your charts in real-time

 We want you to use the Amazing Trader to make you an Amazing Trader

"I have been using the Amazing Trader for a few weeks and it already paid for itself several times over" -- subscriber  

The Amazing Trader delivers to your charts in real time with precision accuracy what we use for trading on our charts.  

Your Amazing Trader program benefits:

  • Amazing Trader highlights key support, resistance and stop levels.
  • Trading opportunities appear as prices move from Amazing Trader line to line.
  • See actionable trading levels delivered continuously to your charts. 

"I can't trade without the Amazing Trader. I expect you will feel the same way after using it" -- Jay Meisler


See the Amazing Trader in Real-Time


“I can see why it is called the Amazing Trader, the levels are like magnets” -- Subscriber


You will get ongoing support by being a member of the Amazing Trader program which includes:

  • Strategy Guide: Strategies you can use for trading using the Amazing Trader. See how to use the Amazing Trader to:
    1. Trade with momentum
    2. Trade in ranges
    3. Identify key trading levels in the heat of battle
    4. Maximize trading profits
  • Amazing Trader Community Forum: You will get system help, trading tips and current market updates
  • Daily Meetings:You get trade setups for the day ahead
  • Multiple currency and CFD levels for all time frames
  • Delivery to MT4 charts for all brokers, including demo accounts
  • Easy installation, free upgrades and ongoing comprehensive support

Sign up now to get access to this proprietary trading technology

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-- Subscribe now: One month subscription for just $97 per month

 We are so confident of your satisfaction that you get a 30-day money back guarantee. **


* Those taking a free trial do not qualify for a 30-day money back guarantee if they subscribe

**One month subscription cost will be refunded if a refund request email to is received within 30 days from the start of the Amazing Trader subscription.

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